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New car dies when heated

Source:This websiteClick: Time:2014-08-13

At present, the automobile, motorcycle plastic products has been applied by common decoration to the structure and function. The use of plastic raw materials has also expanded from common plastic to high with better, more resistant to impact or plastic alloy composite material, predictably, with the improvement of plastic material and its molding technology and technology, the application of plastics in automobile, motorcycle industry will become more common, is bound to attract big development of automobile and motorcycle moulds. 


As the auto industry intensified, pull up auto mould industry is gradually warming, experts said, automobile, motorcycle industry each year, the mould demand of more than $700, while our country large precision mold manufacturing capacity is not enough, at present our country high middle-grade sedan covering parts of mold almost all rely on imports. 


Large and medium-sized exteriors plastic mold is also has a lot of demand. Development of high technology content of large precision automobile, motorcycle covering parts mold and large and medium-sized exteriors plastic mold is the important work of our country's automobile, motorcycle mold. 


Mold in the market in our country, the development of auto mould is very important. For automobile, motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of national economy in our country, from the industrial economy development rule, automobile, motorcycle industry of our country has entered the phase of "economy", such production volume, inevitably bring strong domestic demand, bring huge market for automobile and motorcycle moulds. 


Germany, on average every car use plastic products has reached nearly 300 kilograms, accounts for some 22% of the auto total consumption materials, is the world's largest automobile and motorcycle plastic parts of the world. Japan, on average every car use plastic also reached 100 kilograms, and they will be more dashboard such interior decoration are all made of plastic. 


Along with our country the rapid growth of the automobile, motorcycle export, plastic mold instead of wood and metal, can make the plastic mold in the growing demand for automobile, motorcycle industry, especially the development of new materials and new molding technology, made of plastics in automobile, motorcycle industry demand is increasing. To a certain extent, the dosage of the automobile, motorcycle plastic products can reflect a country's automobile, motorcycle, industrial development level. 

Has automobile manufacturing is the main market at the present stage in China, many companies also try to will be the direction of the domestic market, the for automobile manufacturing industry in China is brought by the development of technology, but more is the challenge for relevant enterprises. Relative to our technology is still relatively settled, therefore in the auto industry has an indispensible role in auto mould industry import is still the mainstream. 


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