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Technological innovation and personalized marketing - Huangyan mold industry healthy development of the two knives

Source:This websiteClick: Time:2014-08-13

Huangyan is a "die rural China" and one of the three main mold production base in China. In recent years, huangyan mold industry sustained and steady development. In the first half of this year, huangyan scale mould enterprises realize the output value of 1.68 billion yuan, up 14.1% from a year earlier. 


Technology innovation, personalized marketing, and promote the sustained and steady development of huangyan mold industry. Until now, there is mold huangyan district, accessories and equipment more than 2300 enterprises, employees 50000 people, mold exports over $300 million a year, huangyan mold production accounts for about one over ten of the country each year. In the national 133 key professional backbone of mold enterprises, has accounted for 11 huangyan, research and development of the industry with a total of 10 provincial technical center, there are 7 items of national innovation fund, 23 national torch plan, the size of the mould industry enterprise strength and development level of science and technology. 


After years of development, has been dominated by auto mould in huangyan mold industry, both electric and electronic mould, automobile, motor car and motorcycle fittings mould, plastic commodity mould, blowing mould, building materials, mould, injection mould and the production pattern of die parts as core, rely on mold industry leading plastic products, automobile and motorcycle accessories, electric bicycles and accessories, machinery, electrical appliances industry output value of more than 400 one hundred million yuan. 


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