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Changan 32 mold companies north "won gold" 100 million

Source:This websiteClick: Time:2014-08-13

Recently, in the 17th international machine tool mould exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao international mold exhibition"), 32 mechanical hardware mold companies, changan town, cliques, agreed on turnover of nearly 100 million yuan, the move to develop the northern market, climaxing changan brand machinery hardware mold area.


Group exhibition changan town this is 6 years. , Qingdao international mold exhibition is bohai bay region one of the most influential event machine tool, this exhibition is dongguan city government as "guan goods across the country" in 2014 the first leg of the exhibition activities.


Qingdao international mold show as held this year in dongguan "guan goods national line" the first stop, exhibitions, dongguan set up a "dongguan exhibition" and "dongguan changan pavilion" two galleries, in the form of special assembly zone show the product mould parts, mechanical equipment, etc., exhibition area of about 1500 square meters, a total of 100 standard booths.


"Dongguan changan pavilion" area of about 1000 square meters, led by the dongguan city hardware machinery mould industry association organized changan representative "guangdong city of precision instrument co., LTD.", "dongguan glory precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD.", dongguan crown mau 32 companies such as hardware machinery co., LTD. Altogether 73 exhibition booths.


According to the exhibition after a preliminary investigation of the exhibitors, the exhibition the exhibitors changan town of intention to turnover of nearly 100 million yuan.


"The exhibition effect is good, on the one hand, Qingdao international mold exhibition is the bohai bay area big scale, high level and show the physical, one of the industry's most influential international professional exhibition, the exhibition exhibits include numerical control machine tools and machining center, mold and accessories, etc., covering the entire industrial chain. On the other hand, due to the Qingdao economic closely with South Korea, Japan and other countries, this exhibition, also attracted many Japanese and south Korean merchants to come to discuss business, the enterprises to expand overseas markets, is a great opportunity." Changan town, head of the exhibitors said.


Changan town officials said that by attending this exhibition changan town of machine tool, mold enterprise is improved effectively in the national awareness, leading machine tool, mold enterprise upgrading transformation, promote the industry development industry has made obvious effect, once again to polish the "changan mould" brand.

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