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Production of machinery and equipment industry, the impact of the mold

Source:This websiteClick: Time:2014-08-13

Throughout the reducer development course in our country, in the 1980 s, due to the full development of gear technology all over the world, our country reducer production technology mature, this time, the reducer industry in our country for the application of several kinds of gear technology from abroad blindly imitate to independently design, has experienced a long developing process, all kinds of new technology is widely used nowadays, make China's capacity for independent design and manufacture of basic can meet the domestic demand, to speed up the pace of the development of the reducer industry. 


Due to the influence of economic crisis, many reducer device quickly will prepare export to the domestic market, and this gave the deceleration machine market in China are of great competitive pressure, speed reducer industry companies for their product quality put forward higher request, at the same time as the energy conservation and environmental protection become a worldwide topic together, reducer enterprise also began to r&d and production of environmentally friendly reducer. 


As is known to all, China's machinery industry in the past are based on the extensive mode of production, in recent years, with all kinds of energy scarcity, various enterprises gradually found that the production mode is not suitable for the sustainable development of the policy at the same time also won't have too big development outlook, and then seek other mode of production, speed reducer industry has been specializing in the production mode of construction energy conservation and emissions reduction, gradually became a relatively mature system of enterprise at present. Large-scale reducer equipment due to the material cost is more, power consumption will increase at work, so the speed reducer production enterprises to the development trend of internationalization of equipment, the development to simplify the speed reducer, lightweight, environmentally friendly products, in order to explore the reducer market, increase the market competitiveness of the brand. 


Above all, reducer industry developed rapidly in our country, but because most of the research and development of enterprises is the introduction of foreign advanced technology products, make the enterprise production pattern is similar, therefore in the intense market competition must have a unique device just enough to occupy the industry market, machine of decelerate of environmentally friendly products is now one of the goals of the development of the industry, each enterprise in the face of fierce market competition should calmly face at the same time, according to each enterprise production system, take appropriate measures to speed up the innovation of the products, is bound to breakthrough development bottleneck, booming! 


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