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China's mold design and manufacturing standards in the rapidly developing

Source:This websiteClick: Time:2014-08-13

Because industry started relatively late in our country and are all low-end products manufacturing, so high and new technology research and development has been in the thorns, through so many years of efforts and constantly explore, now already in the way of rapid development. 


Mold industry technology is still started late in our country, has a big gap with the developed country, in recent years, mould industry in China through the introduction of foreign capital, absorbing the foreign advanced mold manufacturing experience, advanced technology and high level talents, mold design and manufacturing level of our country had very big rise, at present, the positive momentum, mould and die industry in our country, then, the machine tool industry should attach importance to the development of new demand, in order to realize the two sides a win-win situation. 


In view of the domestic machine tool industry is not pay much attention to the equipment market and the domestic equipment of mould industry is low in the market share, expert advice machine tool industry should pay close attention to the development of mold industry, attaches great importance to the mold equipment market in the industry, we should departure from the long-term development, from a strategic height to recognize, and the market is fully study and correct positioning. 


Mould processing equipment needed for a variety, is also each are not identical, can start from low-grade products first, then gradually to high-end development, this may be a more realistic way. Although China is already the mould power, but in order to achieve the goal by bigger and stronger, must vigorously develop high quality manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Domestic machine tool enterprises should grasp the good opportunity, in the development of mould industry in China, for its wings, a true, and help them to develop the positive role of the device. 




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