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Botou automobile mold design technology sold to Spain

Source:This websiteClick: Time:2014-08-13

Recently, located in botou city XingLin body construction group co., LTD. Auto mould design technology, in the province business hall to complete the registration of technology import and export, export to Spain mackays company, as the first implementation for cangzhou export enterprise technology project. According to group deputy general manager LuanBing, these two technologies, all independently designed by the company's technical team after verification by the company of mackays debugging qualified, will be used in high-end brands such as jaguar, land rover car body manufacturing. As "the hometown of China's auto mould," potow now has 40 auto mould manufacturing enterprise, annual output value of 3 billion yuan, is the national automobile mould manufacturing industry group's largest scale and highest degree of industry agglomeration in the region.


The XingLin group founded in 1986, is a typical sample of these companies, after nearly 30 years of development, the group has developed into a domestic automobile mould one of backbone enterprises, with the faw Volkswagen, ford, Mazda automobile manufacturing enterprises set up business contacts, and become the overseas brands such as Mercedes, Renault, Honda cooperation customers. And Spain's largest auto mould factory mackays company cooperation, began in 2008. "At that time, including the technical process and casting is the other party is responsible for the purchase of raw materials, such as, we can only engaged in processing and assembling, the business did not how to earn money." Remember at the beginning of the cooperation, LuanBing fresh, "this is the beginning of a less than ideal, let us further realize the importance of technology innovation."


XingLin company continuously increased investment in science and technology innovation, has invested more than 100 ten thousand yuan in the domestic first built T D processing equipment, in the province take the lead in the introduction of three coordinates testing equipment, and white light measuring equipment, increase the intensity of mold design software updates, and special technology research and development center was established in tianjin, with introduction of high-end talent. It is because of the innovation of the persistent, increasingly close cooperation, from raw materials to choose to participate in the design, "XingLin" participation is higher and higher. This time, "XingLin" to bear the two car interior trim panel die design development project, who is responsible for the technical design, and in the form of electronic drawings to Spain, mackays company production. "This business it's only $76000 in foreign exchange earning, it is a rare across.


The western mold enterprise has long been regarded China as processing base, the enterprise to realize the technology export for the first time, marked the our technical level has been recognized by western advanced countries. "Said Goldman sachs group deputy general manager of righteousness. More let righteousness didn't expect the people at Goldman sachs, when he went to the city the irs technology export tax refund formalities, was told that" we never had contact with the business, this is the cause of the first share ", after staff to save the irs verification procedures, to complete the tax refund formalities.

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