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After years of development history, Zhuo Erda cohesion customers with integrity, with our brand, with integrity and create brilliant, lay a solid foundation for the development of China's light industry has made an indelible contribution, with fruitful results to show the world our maturity and self-confidence.

Looking ahead, Zhuo ErDa are eclectic with a broad mind, perseverance broad bearing, character features integrity first, people-oriented humanistic style, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction, for the benefit of employees, returns to shareholders, the purpose of social enterprise development and dedication toward Technology production service enterprise Group's strategic objectives with global status of giant strides forward.

Zhuo Erda always sincere to treat every new and old friends, to your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit, is our highest award. Sincerely thank you for your trust, we would like to continue to work with you, common development, to create a better tomorrow!

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